Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern

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Several people (among them the schoolgirl Helga) end up in the castle in different ways, which is under the supervision of five women, who, as it turned out, are the keepers of the spirit of Baroness Varga, the legendary vampire, who was once executed for drinking the blood of pretty girls. Before her death, she managed to utter a curse, according to which she promised to return and continue her atrocities. No sooner said than done. With the help of faithful servants (women), who every night arranged satanic dances and sang special songs, her soul was still alive and ready at any moment to rise in the world of the living. Also, according to the prophecy, the blood of the descendants of those people who killed her should help Varga to be reborn. And such is the young Helga, who is still a virgin. So she should become the very connecting link to the resurrection of the vampire ...